Why bother with Personal Development?

Exactly, why??? Once you start the journey of personal development, it feels like a bottomless pit. You work with one thing and another issue comes up and the story never ends. So why even start?

I have been working on myself for decades now (I know, I am too young to be that old 🙂 ).

I see working on myself as the biggest gift that I have given not only to myself but also to the people around me and the world. Becoming actively aware of what it is I do to have the impact that I have in the people and environments around me, is an incredible eye opener. Have you ever stopped and noticed, what impact do I have when I interact with others?How much of your time are you truly being you vs. trying to be someone else?

We can all hide behind expressions and beliefs like “I am fine” and “Things are fine” for the fear that if we are radically honest with ourselves, we would need to open a Pandora’s box and deal with our own shadows, limiting beliefs, rules and judgements. We all have them – no one is discriminated in that perspective! What it comes down to is – do you dare to see the truth in the eyes?

I would challenge you to ask yourself: “Are you really fine?”. If you would have all the resources in the world, what would you do? Would you still claim that things are fine as they are now? Would you still be in that unfulfilling job or toxic relationship? Would you still carry around those 15 kilos extra?

That is what working on yourself does. You become aware and clear of your behaviour, your mindset/attitude and how you create and show up in your world. Going into a personal development journey does take courage, determination, commitment and it usually starts with the realization that I want/long/need/deserve something MORE.

Alongside that realization you also quickly understand that it is you that is responsible to giving yourself the space, time and resources to deal with the challenges of change ahead.

Change is not usually welcomed and at the same time we are also very aware that it is the only constant. At any moment of your life you are either recovering from a big change, in a moment of change or facing a change of some kind. The desire to maintain the status quo and the known is powerful and the alternative is sometimes scary and difficult to chew. Yet,  it is unavoidable.

Whether you will have a smooth transition into it or a hard core clash into the wall of change remains YOUR CHOICE.

Life does happen and we there is only so much we truly can control – but we do manage how we respond to the things that happen to us. That is where personal development comes into play. As I see it, it is a continuous school of preparation; of supplying you with more clarity and knowledge about you; getting a closer connection to you and realizing what it is that is important to you.

Of course, you do not need to bother with personal development, but I believe that, like many things in life, either you choose it or it chooses you.

You can name it anything you want, but if you are a living being, growth and change are unavoidable. As anything else in nature, you either grow or you surrender to atrophy.  

So what do you choose for yourself? Get a head start and be prepared or go blindly through life and wait for things to happen to you?

You always have a choice.

We at “The BIG C” would like to support you make the right choice for you!

The Big C is a coaching organization dedicated to helping young professionals step into their leadership and to supporting organizations develop, engage and retain their future leaders.https://www.linkedin.com/company/the-bigc/

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