The Sounds of Winding Down

Bare feet on the warm sand! Sun kissing the skin and a light breeze caressing the hair. Lying down and reading a book, blocking the world away just for a moment, worry-free and present enjoying fully the moment… that is one example of an ideal summer day off.

What would yours be like?

How do you make the most of your holidays? How do you make sure that you wind down properly and get energized, connected with yourself, connect to what you really want and wish!

We, at the Big C have some ideas of how you can make the most out of your summer. These are inspirations and feel free to see what works for you:

1.   A no-brainer: stay as much as possible away from social media and limit the online time. If you cannot, make it into intervals of 90 focused minutes off and maybe 5-10 minutes online. So much has been researched about Social Media, and one that has stuck with me is that it can make people more depressed when comparing with what others post on SoMe. Myth buster: what you see there is only a fraction of reality – don’t believe everything you see on SoMe!

2.   Out of office reply ON – even if you are an entrepreneur. We, especially as entrepreneurs tend to be always on as there is the idea that business needs to run at all times. Myth buster: Especially you as an entrepreneur need time to recharge and reconnect with the purpose of your business and take a stance to see and connect with the vision of what you want to create.

3.   Use some of this time off for reflection and seeing the bigger picture; reconnecting with your life purpose or working on figuring it out. If not the whole purpose, figure out the next step towards what makes you fulfilled and it can be as simple as self-care like getting a massage 😊 Myth buster: we have made life purpose into such a huge phenomena and we would encourage you to simply go after what fulfills you right now.

4.   Take some time on your own during the day. If you are surrounded with family and friends as we usually are on holidays, make sure to maybe “hide in the toilet” to have that time on your own. It is important to disconnect in order to connect. Myth buster: it is not selfish and irresponsible to demand and take that time for yourself. You are a much better partner, parent, friend and person if you are connected with you.

5.   Find the activities that give you energy and that you enjoy during the holidays: walks along the beach, in the forest, reading books, open-air cinema, sports…anything that works for you. Myth buster: You can increase your energy by doing things you love and enjoy.

Most important is: enjoy yourself and the people around you. Summer is a time of slowing down and connecting. Make it worthwhile!

We at the Big C are also enjoying summer holidays in rotation – so contact us if you need more info on how we can support you during and after summer! Visit us at!

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