“Each one of us alone is worth nothing”: an unapologetic exploration of support

If you are reading this post it is because you have made it so far. Well done! Congratulations. Looks like you are still alive and resourceful. Apparently it also looks like you have the time to read this post, which tells me your life is fabulous and totally problem free. As otherwise you would spend your time with more meaningful stuff rather than reading this shit (Sorry, that was just a cheap provocation. It comes from an attention deficit place. Please keep reading this shit and give my life a purpose :-))) ).

Ok, soooooo funny! That was just an ice-breaker. It’s just that I am excited about something and to explore what I want to explore I need someone to listen. More precisely…it is support that I am looking for! Thus, open your hearts guys and galls… today, we are going to talk about….guess what?!….(drum roll) SUPPORT! (glorious trumpets).

What’s important about support according to your humble penpal? Not much really. With the only exception that support stands in my life at the top of my values pyramid, coincides with my life’s purpose, resides in my vision, drives my mission and leads quite predominately all my relationships, including between my horrible and my sublime self. For the rest, not important. Nothing at all. (Sooo funny again  )

Now guys, you know I love you and hold you dear in my heart. So pllllleaze, don’t take it personally. Hence if you feel hurt, remember it was not part of my intentions (This is so manipulative. I love it :-))

So, remember all the times you have heard you are special? (Like: “Oh my god, you are soOoOo special”). Well, ehm, you’re not. You are not more special than the other 7.510.115,312 planet inhabitants (Number updated as per today, source: www.worldometers.info). From our birth, we all have the same right of anyone else to live our own “special” life. Whether or not this happens, is for another book. What counts is that we are all the same and nobody is better or worse. And yes, this is pretty black and white and simplified, I know. I trust you know how to read this within the context.

You can only be special in the amount of support you give and take. You, alone, are special like shoes without feet, like a knife without a blade, like a windmill without wind, like a condom without a penis. Shall i continue or was the last metaphor clear enough?

Each one of us alone is worth nothing” was a Che Guevara quote printed on my favourite t-shirt when I was 20. That “Che” myth vanished. The quote stayed.

Your life deprived of support is simply not existing. And if needed another colourful example, your appearance on this life stage is just the result of the reciprocal support of a spermatozoon and an egg!

I conclude:

  • For the support fans: keep on, you are doing great. The more you give, the more you get. Sometimes you get it back in unexpected ways, so just be open to recognise it.
  • For those “ego-focused/I don’t need anyone/I can make it by myself/sorry I don’t have time for you/I already have my own issues” – Remember: You might end up living long enough to be needing someone wiping your decrepit ass one day. I wish you a great day..Stay UP!
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