Back to work!

Two days by the desk after the holidays, and it is the same as you had no holidays. You do not recall ever being on holidays, right? You are totally swamped with emails and tasks that needed to have been done two weeks ago.

How do you make sure to preserve that state of balance and energy and not be overwhelmed and stressed as soon as you get back to work?

It is a tough dilemma indeed as the pile has accumulated and sometimes no one else can dissolve that pile but you!

Imagine making a smooth transition that would enable you to take advantage of your fresh energy and preserve it for a long time after you have returned in the office  – what would that look like for you? We have brainstormed some ideas of what can be done to have a smooth landing at work:

1.   The first two days of your return, block your calendar with “emails and catching up” to make sure nothing else gets put in. 

2.   Have a soft check in with your team on the first day; maybe lunch for catching up on everyone’s holidays and scheduling 1on1’s with everyone for next week.

3. Do not have all the meetings backed-up for the first week of you coming back to work. Give yourself time to properly land and get back to the rhythm. If a whole week seems like a lot, aim for 2 days more than last time you came back from vacation; this way you can tell yourself you are making progress and ensuring a better re-integration for yourself and your team.

4.   Remember to take breaks and talk to your colleagues about your holidays. Have a mindful reminder every 90 minutes to stand up and have a walk or do something else that takes you away from your desk and tasks.

Remember that we are not efficient 24 hours per day. Know when your most efficient peak is during the day and do the most important and difficult tasks during that period.

We all need a reset button and holidays are the perfect reset button if you spend them wisely. It is also very important what you install after being re-set – therefore take care of you and be wise in the choices that you make.

We at the Big C are back from holidays, energized and devoted to
helping young professionals step into their leadership and to supporting organizations develop, engage and retain their future leaders.

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