Author: Migena Gjerazi

Back to work!

Two days by the desk after the holidays, and it is the same as you had no holidays. You do not recall ever being on holidays, right? You are totally swamped with emails and tasks that needed to have been done two weeks ago. How do you make sure to preserve that state of balance […]

The Sounds of Winding Down

Bare feet on the warm sand! Sun kissing the skin and a light breeze caressing the hair. Lying down and reading a book, blocking the world away just for a moment, worry-free and present enjoying fully the moment… that is one example of an ideal summer day off. What would yours be like? How do […]

Why bother with Personal Development?

Exactly, why??? Once you start the journey of personal development, it feels like a bottomless pit. You work with one thing and another issue comes up and the story never ends. So why even start? I have been working on myself for decades now (I know, I am too young to be that old 🙂 […]

How does knowing our values affect our behaviors?

When you talk to coaches, all would point that getting to know your values is a great way to start working on yourself. I personally, named my values when I started my coaching journey. My biggest surprise in naming them, was how effortless the decision process became. When in doubt the question that would guide […]

How do you increase your personal energy?

Time is a finite resource, though some people have this ability to stretch time. Some of us earthlings do not and we have to focus on how to create more energy for ourselves with the means, time and resources we have so as to be fully present, participative and creative in our lives. We do […]

I know what I need to do, why don’t I do it?

You and I know this well too well: we have all felt this moment when enough is enough and you need to do something about an issue be it anything: your health; relationship; work; horrible bosses etc – you start quite well and big and all at once: going on a diet; exercising; cutting on […]