Author: Anna Kmetova

If I can do it, anyone can

No, this is not a story of a former drug addict who used to live in her car. I was not born in a slum, nor have I ever been homeless (so far). Was I forced to only eat instant noodles and drink boxed wine for some period of my life? Perhaps. Also, I used […]

The power of choice

Many articles have been written, and many TED Talks have spoken on this topic. Analysis paralysis is a real part of our daily lives, and although it might sound spoiled to my East-European parents, it is a real struggle. Why? Simply because it’s not only about endless options of different types of TVs and chocolate […]

What are your strengths?

I remember that I was asked this question for the first time in my life during a job interview, when I was 20 years old. Honestly, I had no idea what to reply – growing up in Eastern Europe, I was told and reminded countless times of what my weaknesses were, but strengths? Was it […]

You don’t have to be a coach to start coaching your team

The generation of millennial professionals prefers coaching over other employee benefits. Why? Because despite sometimes being labeled as “entitled” and a “spoiled” generation, it turns out that they don’t want to only be driven by monthly paychecks and quarterly bonuses. What matters to them, at work, is rather seeing their impact, their contribution and feeling […]
The Big C - Courage

What are powerful questions and what makes them so powerful?

In our previous articles here and here, you heard me and my colleague speak about curiosity being one of the best tools to empower people and about bringing more connection into the workplace by showing interest and giving voice to others. 1. Powerful questions are open By asking a question that can be answered with […]