Author: Nada Mesqui

The Big C - Courage

My dear Perfectionist, feel free to stay on vacation!

How many times have you waited to present a business case or an idea for a project because it was not yet perfect, just to be beaten by the punch by someone else? Or how many weeks have you allowed to go by before asking him out, only to find out he has started dating […]

Death of People Management

I have clients who come to me because they want to manage their teams better and it always leaves me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Behind that discomfort could be a belief that, like “Simon says”: “You manage things, you lead people”. Management is a noun meaning “the control and organization of something” […]

You want to lead? Then Grow-Out!

By definition, mindset represents “the cognitive processes activated in response to a given task”. Translated to an everyday jargon, our mindset is our way of thinking, our own frame of mind. Knowing that how we think often dictates how we feel and even more importantly how we behave, one could say, without any exaggeration, that the impact […]

You want coaching? Why, what’s the problem?

Tell me if this sounds familiar: you heard about executive coaching from your friend and it sounded like something you could benefit from. Still, just imagining asking your manager to pay for it, immediately triggers the negative self-talk and the worst of assumptions “she/he will think I have a problem?”.   First things first, coaching should […]

Millennials are calling your organization forward!

By next year, Millennials (young professionals from age 20-39) will form 50% of our global workforce.  What does that mean? Well, for starters, we would say it is about time to cut this generation some slack. For roughly a decade they have been called lazy, entitled narcissist while the latest research proves quite the opposite. […]