Author: Luca Grasso

How do I make sure people understand my requests

Reflecting on past glitches bear some pros and cons. On the one hand we can acknowledge the long way we have come, that we have learned to cope with some of our old challenges and celebrate we are no longer making some of the mistakes we used to make. On the other hand, in hindsight, […]

Non Violent Communication startpack

-World leader#1:” “I’ll bomb the shit out of you” -World leader#2: “No you won’t. I’ll blow you up moron” Recognise this behaviour? Never felt like dropping a bomb on your manager, wife, boyfriend, parents? I bet you did. You don’t need to tell me, but I know you did. Thankfully you don’t have a nuke […]

Opinions: Can we please have a bit less?

I have often thought that a sign of cultural degeneration is the repeated inappropriate employment of semantics. This happens when single individuals or groups of people start (ab)using words at their own discretion for the benefits of their own beliefs. When they arbitrarily associate new meanings to words that already have an existing and motivated […]