Month: July 2019

If I can do it, anyone can

No, this is not a story of a former drug addict who used to live in her car. I was not born in a slum, nor have I ever been homeless (so far). Was I forced to only eat instant noodles and drink boxed wine for some period of my life? Perhaps. Also, I used […]

How do I make sure people understand my requests

Reflecting on past glitches bear some pros and cons. On the one hand we can acknowledge the long way we have come, that we have learned to cope with some of our old challenges and celebrate we are no longer making some of the mistakes we used to make. On the other hand, in hindsight, […]

The Sounds of Winding Down

Bare feet on the warm sand! Sun kissing the skin and a light breeze caressing the hair. Lying down and reading a book, blocking the world away just for a moment, worry-free and present enjoying fully the moment… that is one example of an ideal summer day off. What would yours be like? How do […]