Month: June 2019

Non Violent Communication startpack

-World leader#1:” “I’ll bomb the shit out of you” -World leader#2: “No you won’t. I’ll blow you up moron” Recognise this behaviour? Never felt like dropping a bomb on your manager, wife, boyfriend, parents? I bet you did. You don’t need to tell me, but I know you did. Thankfully you don’t have a nuke […]

Death of People Management

I have clients who come to me because they want to manage their teams better and it always leaves me with an uneasy feeling in my stomach. Behind that discomfort could be a belief that, like “Simon says”: “You manage things, you lead people”. Management is a noun meaning “the control and organization of something” […]

The power of choice

Many articles have been written, and many TED Talks have spoken on this topic. Analysis paralysis is a real part of our daily lives, and although it might sound spoiled to my East-European parents, it is a real struggle. Why? Simply because it’s not only about endless options of different types of TVs and chocolate […]