Month: May 2019

Why bother with Personal Development?

Exactly, why??? Once you start the journey of personal development, it feels like a bottomless pit. You work with one thing and another issue comes up and the story never ends. So why even start? I have been working on myself for decades now (I know, I am too young to be that old 🙂 […]

How does knowing our values affect our behaviors?

When you talk to coaches, all would point that getting to know your values is a great way to start working on yourself. I personally, named my values when I started my coaching journey. My biggest surprise in naming them, was how effortless the decision process became. When in doubt the question that would guide […]

What are your strengths?

I remember that I was asked this question for the first time in my life during a job interview, when I was 20 years old. Honestly, I had no idea what to reply – growing up in Eastern Europe, I was told and reminded countless times of what my weaknesses were, but strengths? Was it […]